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Well, the New Year’s Eve party is just a few days away. If you find yourself in Bucharest, we have found the ‘It’ party for you to attend. Our great friends from Calup found the best location and are about to host a kickass party. We know these guys, so take our word for granted when we say this party is going to be epic!

The fabulous NYE setup is a sumptuous neoromanian villa built in 1928 by a Dutch architect, Edmond Van Saanen, and is itself architectural jewelry found next to Cismigiu Gardens. Its spacious saloons, wooden carved ornaments and absolutely charming details will become your playground this NYE. The icing on the cake is that Calup will bring it to live with a solar design and the lovely Khidja as the sonor frame. It sure does sound exciting!!!

The NYE ball is a private event, meant only for the cool friends of friends, so the mood will be warm, and cosy. Everything will be spiced up with a healthy dose of fun, the best music you’ve heard in a while and tasty bites. So, take your most retro-future-glam outfit, get your groove on and party like crazy!


The event is funded on a crowd funding model, thus, every participation tax supports our project of opening unused spaces through cultural events that add variety to the Bucharest cultural scene.


Last minute: 340 ron/ 75 euro (after December 26)

Supporters: 400 + ron/ 90+ euro (Support Calup in the reactivation of more unused spaces)

Social Pack: groups of over 4 people: 300 ron / person (after December 26)

Party Pack: groups of over 8 people have a reserved table (limited tables)

If you want to save your spot and enjoy the Open Bar, Fresh Food Bar and some Warm Gulas, you can write an email to [email protected].

✼ limitated number of participants

✼ pre-sale only

Featured image source: PicDesire

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