Organic Christmas – Green Living Festival

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Organic Christmas is the winter version of Organic Days serie of authentic events. The magic is happening this weekend, 17-18 December, at Point, one of the coolest cultural hubs in Bucharest. The nature becomes one with the city. Again.

Why Green Living Festival? Basically because the hippest and finest people from all over the country will be here bringing lots of organic goodies and showing the way they honour the gifts of nature.

You will find here a little bit of everything – designated areas for food awareness, organic Christmas fair, and a fun Heal and Chill spot. Well, it sounds like a good weekend plan to us!

If you do care about healthy food, the living and raw food area will so hit the spot. Famous raw vegan chefs will be here to show you some amazingly healthy recipes that you can taste for lunch. The whoopee cooking workshops will bring you new, fresh intake on nutrition and healthy food. All complimented with a Green Vitamin Bar and TeaBar so you can enjoy your share of health in a glass – delicious juices, smoothies, tea and organic coffee will so indulge your taste buds.

Your shopping cravings will be completely satisfied with the fine, eco-friendly gifts you can buy from the organic fair – artisan wool, wood, ceramic gifts, 100% natural, organic skincare and beauty products, homemade Christmas decorations, and healthy sweets.

The Chill and Heal spot is meant to take all the stress away with beautiful jazz, soul or funk beats and healing, mediation music. Cristal and Tibetan bowls are included. And how about doing yoga and charity work at the same time? Yes, you can do it here and some Healing therapies like Thai massage, Craniosacral or Yumeiho on top of that. If you have time, you can also attend a great film projection Before the Flood that is still in the same picture as the rest of the event, capturing the story of climatic changes on earth. There might be some carols, mandala painting workshops and inspirational, joyful actions involved.

The event organisers agree that the best things in life are free, so they have free entry to the event. You can find more info on the dedicated event page

Photos source: Organic Days @organicday.romania

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