Our Fourth Street Art Project

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P_TER project is back! Our fourth street art project made in collaboration with Visual Playground is ready to rock the street art world. We promised you to continue to contribute to the fascinating street art scene of Bucharest, and we have kept our promise. We partner up with Visual Playground & we joined forces with the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, and I’M UAU – P_TER ’17 to enrich the mural scene with another epic wall.

The amazing people from Policolor Romania loved the idea and decided to become one of the project’s partners. As we mentioned Policolor, Interesting Times Bureau is the proud ambassador of ‘Colors of Romania‘, a beautiful campaign that promotes original art projects. Our new mural fully supports the idea behind this much bellowed and awarded ‘Colors of Romania‘ project, as the street art community really creates an outstanding urban legacy through color, passion, and creativity.

To be honest, none of this would have been possible without the great contribution of Visual Playground. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Visual Playground is an alternative illustration and graphic design school that aims to further develop the visual arts community in Romania.

Our great friends from Visual Playground were looking for a long time to contribute to a new wall painting. With the funds received from AFCN & UniCredit Bank Romania, and the massive contribution of all our partners, we were able to make things happen. All there was left was to find an amazing artist to take our dreams from sketches to reality.

That’s when the master of colorful online and offline walls, Hedof, stepped in. Rick Berkelmans (aka Hedof) lives and works in Breda where he runs his design studio Hedof (http://hedof.com/). Being worldwide famous, Hedof is most appreciated for his vibrant style of mixing strong shapes & bold colors, so he fitted our plans perfectly. He took the best students from Visual Playground and left his distinctive touch to the interior walls of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. They even kept the building’s cables as part of the wall painting for a true, authentic vibe.

We couldn’t be happier or more proud of the result, as the photos pretty much speak for themselves. Excited to find what our next project will be? As always, we’ll keep you posted!

Photo credit: Cătălin Georgescu, www.catalingeorgescu.com.


📷: Cătălin Georgescu

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