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outcast bucharest tour

Welcome to

outcast bucharest tour

A unique walking tour led by homeless, ex-homeless, and vulnerably housed tour guides.

Powered by Parada Foundation.

the Tour

Interesting Times Bureau is proud to be associated with the Parada Foundation for this walking experience, aimed at:

securing regular income, for the guide

providing an accurate picture of homeless life

helping with social and  professional inclusion through tourism activities.

exploring Bucharest’s main attractions in an unusual way.

What to expect

  • Take a stroll from Piata Universitatii to Piata Unirii via Calea Victoriei and visit Bucharest’s main sites
  • Walk the cobbled streets of Old Town and hear its history.
  • Visit Parada’s Day Centre for a peek into the life of an organization fighting homelessness.
  • Sample the city’s famous street  snack: “covrigi”
  • Learn the story of  most  street kids: from the flight from small town orphanages, to the life in the sewers.
  • Hear about  drug addiction, petty crime, recycling and other survival techniques.
  • Get involved in one of Parada’s many programs and make a real change

photo credits: Bucuresti Optimist

Sergiu, the guide

Sergiu is a walking success story. With the help of Parada Foundation, he cleaned up his act, gave up drug use, found a temporary call-center job and is now finishing high school. He is well traveled, fluent in English, tons of fun to be around and a true connoisseur of the streets and their secrets.

With the help of our social enterprise, Sergiu underwent  a training program in order to  offer you a tour that shows Bucharest’s historical and cultural quirks in an unusual and entertaining way and, where issues of homelessness are covered. He takes great pleasure interacting with tourists and share his experience with them.

His goals are: finding secure lodgings,  have a decent income and pass his English Certificate and Professional Guide exams:)

Casa Journalist’s brilliant article: Bruce Lee, the King of Sewers – an in-depth feature story about Romania’s stray children, who ran away from communist orphanages and built an underground drug empire.

Also, see See Channel 4’s very graphic documentary based on the same article.

Warning: This video contains strong scenes of drug use that some viewers may find distressing.

All pics and texts by Casa Journalist

Down and Out in Bucharest  is another powerful story about life on the streets. From the famous Vice Magazine: “Always a saucy devil, Romania’s former Stalinist autocrat Nicolae Ceaușescu was a noisy advocate of boning. He figured that more Romanians meant more power and respect for the nation, so in 1966 he launched his anti-abortion and contraception campaign. He even forbade sex education and classified textbooks on the subject as state secrets. Anyone who’s read Freakonomics (or has a brain) will tell you that this is a shitty plan. Infant mortality soared, huge families lived in excruciating poverty, and thousands of unwanted kids were sent to orphanages.”

Slow Travel For Fast People

Slow Travel For Fast People


2.5 hours tour


This is NOT  poverty tourism- i.e. voyeuristically and superficially pointing out economically and ‘socially’ deprived areas and the people within them.

Our tours are not tours of the homeless but, rather, with them – an important distinction that reverses the power balance between our homeless guides and ‘mainstream’ society, as the guides are the voices of authority who lead us on the tours.

Walking Distance: 3 km

Refreshments: can be arranged on the spot

Heat warning

make sure you cover your head as the sun gets pretty intense this time of year in Romania. Oh, and wear sunscreen if you feel like.

Max no. of people: 8

(for larger groups give us a message and we’ll try to accommodate)

read me

The prices include one refreshment and one street food snack, the bus/metro fair and, of course, the guide. However they DO NOT include food and drink purchased at bars/cafes, so please bring some extra cash. How much you spend on refreshments is entirely up to you! (We suggest around 15 euros, although you may want to bring more for impulse purchases and souvenirs)

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