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From romantic boating on Cişmigiu and Herăstrău lakes – right in the heart of the city, to water skiing, off road cycling, adventure parks and paragliding for adrenaline rush seekers or authentic horse carriage rides, lake cruises and picnic facilities – less then 30 minutes away from capital’s hustle and bustle. Bucharest and it’s outskirts have a lot to offer in terms of leisure and entertainment.

Cişmigiu Garden

Oldest landscaped public garden in Bucharest, Grădina Cişmigiu (Cişmigiu Gardens) is considered to be the capital’s most beautiful oasis. With idyllic surroundings, luxurious vegetation  and a fairy tale lake, Cişmigiu Gardens is one of the locals favorite leisure escapes. Dinning alfresco at the open-air cafeterias or enjoying a row boat ride are definitely enjoyable experiences.

Herăstrău Garden 

Herăstrău Park is the largest park in Bucharest and the largest park of Europe inside a city. It is spread over 187 hectares around Herăstrău lake. Main attractions here are the National Village Museum (an open-air museum showcasing traditional life of the Romanian peasant form all over the country sides) along with the Japanese gardens and the Roses Island classy promenades. If you boost of energy, in Herăstrău Park, you can rent bikes, pedalos, rowboats or tennis / football courts. The cart wheel ride is yet another great experience if you want to enjoy the city’s outstanding panorama.

The park has family friendly arias with outdoor facilities, playgrounds for children of all ages, and a rather impressive skate park and an adventure park.

Mogoşoaia Natural Park

Mogosoaia Palace was built in 1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu (one of the most famous Romanian medieval kings). The palace itself is a masterpiece of the unique architectural style called the Romanian Renaissance/ Brancovenesc style. Definitely a landmark of it’s era and a must see. Other attractions are the beautiful Saint George Church, the luxurious gardens and forest where you can hike or stroll freely if you want to. There are also few nice restaurants and terraces on the domain. The location is popular among locals for weekend picnics and the theme park at the entrance to the estate.

Comana Natural Park

Comana Natural Park is another Bucharest getaway destination. Bucharestians come here to relax and enjoy the nature. With quite a few hiking and off road bike tracks Comana’s magical woods offer spectacular views, adrenaline and oxygen – all in one go.

The small delta that surrounds the aria -Delta Neajluvului- is home to a wide variety of birds, wild life and biodiversity. Other attractions are Comana Monastery and the Great Cupbearer’s Wine Cellar (Pivniţa Marelui Paharnic) where you can try some of the finest local wines.

Fancy having an unique experiences? Then we recommend a ride with a medieval horse carriage through in the forest and enjoy the scenery. If you are in the mood for adventure check Aventura Park Comana for line zipping, kayaking, treasure hunts, boat trips and for the brave ones – motor paragliding.

Snagov Natural Park

Snagov area is a natural reservation, with two natural protected areas for fauna and flora, Snagov Lake and Snagov Forest.Among the main attractions is the Snagov monastery, one of the alleged burial sites of Vlad the Impaler (famous for having inspired Bram Stoker’s character Dracula). The monastery is located on an island on the northern part of the lake. Many stories and legends are to be unfold here.

Among the main attractions is the Snagov monastery, one of the alleged burial sites of Vlad the Impaler (famous for having inspired Bram Stoker’s character Dracula). The monastery is located on an island on the northern part of the lake. Many stories and legends are to unfold here.

On hot summer days, people hide from the heat in the woods close to the lake, relaxing by the pool bars or going to the spa. If you are looking for some action motor boats or sky jet rides and recently Fly board rides are quite popular in Snagov aria.






Photo credit: Alexandra Siebenthal

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