ucuresti Optimist defines itself as being the ” half full side of the city” . The brainchild of renowned photographer and urban explorer Cristian Vasile (Igu), Bucuresti Optimist  is a public Facebook group with 65000 (and counting) followers. Cristian created it to fulfill one of his long lasting wishes: to become a tourist in his home town. By photographing the lighter, more optimistic side of the city and by paying very close attention to easy-to-miss details he managed to seduce us all with a Bucharest we should all pay more attention to.

Full disclosure: Bucuresti Optimist was a main point of inspiration for Interesting Times Bureau.  It only comes natural for one, while looking at those images, to want to share them with the rest of the world, to shout: “Hey world, check out my city!”.  And although this alternative view on reality (build with light, angles, perspective and, of course,  a lot of hard work) has a thriving appreciation society in the virtual world, it would be a real pity  not to  let you, the visitors, discover and enjoy it, too.

More profoundly, it is also an invitation to us all, whether or not we live here, to contradict that infamous quote: ” nobody looks up in this town”.

That is why the vast majority of images shown on our website come from Bucuresti Optimist. We are grateful for this privilege and eager to see  how 2014 looks like.