’m Cris, I’m 24 years old and since most of us live by routine, I’ve dared myself not to do so and till now it’s nothing less than excitement and enthusiasm mixed with a more than natural pinch of fear.

In my free time I go to work as the corporate HR specialist that I am, which engages the other two things that I enjoy doing: HR and interacting with multicultural and multilingual environments. And people. This is a third. I should have introduced myself as a translator and linguist first though, cause that’s where I started from in my brand-new grown-up life.

Now, going back to what made me put down these lines…me and photography happened years ago and it’s become a permanent state. Quite unexpected. There are few things more important and more life-balance providers for me, as I find myself to be today. It changed my perspective upon every day life in all its aspects, it’s become a constant challenge and a constant source of joy and fulfillment. Liberty and expression, along with passion.

This project, well, this project is a bit of everything that I like doing or enjoying, from wandering the city streets to people, knowledge, mind-openness, architecture, history and pixels.

See her photos here.

„There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” So, i’m gonna play big!