Party like a Romanian on Romania’s National Day

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Romanians are celebrating today, December 1, the Great Union Day marking the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom. The union took place back in 1918, and it is celebrated as the National Day of Romania since 1990.

Enough with the history lesson. It’s all about how you can get the most fun out of this day. That’s why we gathered a few of the most interesting events to attend so your staying in Bucharest can turn into some remarkable stories to tell.

We believe the best start of this day have to be the supreme relaxation Therme has to offer. After all, it is the largest recreation, wellness and entertainment centre in Europe. Starting December 1st their focus on the entertainment increased, so you will find here the best and biggest play area. They now feature the largest Himalayan salt construction in Europe with 2 designated areas for supreme fun – one specially made for gaming enthusiasts (14 Playstation consoles and interactive water games) and a library where you can enjoy a good reading together with aerosols and chromotherapy pampering.

One of the most expected, beloved and exciting events taking place on December 1st has to be the festive lighting of Bucharest and the opening of Bucharest Christmas Market. So make sure you don’t miss the official start off the winter holiday season! What to expect? Millions of colourful LED lights, authentic Christmas decorations, lots of carols and shows, mouth-watering traditional goodies and meeting no other than the ho-ho-ho jolly Santa and some other fairytale characters. You can have a lot of fun enjoying the concerts, drinking our not-to-be-missed mulled wine and even buying some one of kind traditional souvenirs. See you tonight in the City Centre, Constitutiei Square!

The best possible way to end such a special day is to join the big party Subcarpati is throwing at Arenele Romane. This concert almost became like a December 1st tradition, where thousands of people gather to have the most groovy fun. What is Subcarpati all about? The most explosive mix of traditional Romanian music and modern trip-hop, dubstep, rap or dancehall beats. More details on

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