Private Guided Tours

Bucharest Guided Tours or full discovery of the amazing Bucharest’’s surrounding areas. We can plan these as walking tours or car driven, and there is always room for innovation. Your guests can highly enjoy a trip through Bucharest’s historical heritage, fabulous architecture or have a taste of the eye-catchy street art. In the end is all about getting a different perspective on Bucharest beyond the conference room walls. The tours are available in English, French or German.

  • Teambuilding

The best choice for making your team genuinely connect, or integrate new team members by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. A good, motivational teambuilding session will have a major impact in improving the group skills, communication and bonding, as fun activities help people see each other in a different light.

For now we propose two alternative team building events:

Street-art Workshops

The workshops improving your team’s artistic skills and provide them authentic and  entertaining experiences through street art techniques they can try for themselves.

Visit our fantastic workshop locations where you will get the opportunity to apply fresh paint  and receive instructions on street art & graffiti techniques from local artists. Then, you’ll get to make your very own canvas piece to take home with you as a memento of your Bucharest experiment.

Treasure Hunt

The hunt is a super dynamic way to turn an urban exploration into an exciting adventure. Your employees/guests get to experience places in a whole new way, through a fun, competitive team building game of finding clues and hidden mysteries

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