Things to do on a rainy day in Bucharest

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So you find yourself in the middle of Bucharest on a rainy day. There’s no need to let rain break your groove. We came up with a few inspiring and fun things to do even when the weather is not so friendly.

You can start with a special, sublime coffee at M60. You’ll love the Scandinavian-living-room style and cosy atmosphere. Not a fan of coffee? Enjoy a cup of tea then or some of their sinful hot chocolate.

Spend some time inside Carturesti Verona bookstore. Although they are displaying more than 10 000 books, you will find the whole setup and atmosphere very airy and relaxed. Great place to look for books, gifts, and so much more. Their special blends of tea and good music will for sure make you forget all about the bad weather. You can find other super cool places to read books on

Nothing will cheer up your day like the super amazingly delicious French Revolution éclairs. They simply taste like heaven. No doubt you will loooove every bite.

After you got your sweet tooth fixed, you can pay a visit to the Romanian Athenaeum and see why calling it an architectural gem is an understatement. Buy yourself a concert ticket and make it a truly memorable evening.  Make sure you’re wearing your most posh clothes!

If you are looking for some tasty traditional Romanian food, we have your back! Check our top picks on

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