Celebrating Halloween in Romania

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Romanians are huge fans of celebrations, so Halloween is all about big parties and morbid fun.

We don’t have the “trick or treat” thing going on yet, but the kids are definitely celebrating the Halloween through some dedicated parties and events, most of them taking place in the biggest shopping malls. They get really serious when it comes to costuming, playing all sort of scary games, and being face-painted into vampires, ghosts and little monsters.

Almost every club in Bucharest is throwing a big Halloween party this weekend. The decorations and special cocktails get us into the Halloween mood while the bad spirits are cast away with good music, scary costumes and lighted pumpkins. If clubbing is not your thing, but you fancy horror stories, and cemetery walks, you can celebrate Halloween by booking our Darkside tour.

The most halloweenish place outside Bucharest is definitely Bran Castle, the residence of famous Dracula and one of the scariest Halloween destinations. This year scary goes to extreme – you get to sleep in velvet coffins, and party with some black vodka amongst witches and bats.

Corvin Castle in Hunedoara hosts lots of rooms with medieval torture instruments and is celebrating Halloween every year with scary plays, accompanied by terrifying sounds. All in all, horror fun. If you are now willing to travel that much, Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina is also famous for its ghost and for hosting some spooky spiritism sessions.

Romanians are also celebrating St. Andrew’s night (the night of vampires) on November 29th – we told you we like to party. This is more like a local, Romanian Halloween – less commercial, but more about vampires and undead. The belief is that the mighty garlic protects all windows and doors from evil spirits and family’s members against illness or spells.

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