Romanian customs and local traditions

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Romanians love their traditions. Most of our customs and traditions have been passed from generation to generation, so it’s our way to show respect and honor our roots. One thing we must admit is that there is less tradition we follow in the urban region than the pure, unaltered local tradition still kept in our rural areas. We are well aware that any of them may seem a bit weird for our foreigner friends, so hopefully, this article will get your friends prepared for their next trip to Bucharest or any other place in Romania.

Tips for visiting a Romanian home

No matter the time of year, or the event, Romanians will always warmly welcome you into their homes. It’s not mandatory, but a nice gesture to bring little gifts for the hosts – most common are a bottle of wine, flowers, toys for kids, or dainties. As Romanians are saying – it’s the gesture that counts!

Be prepared for a long series of kisses on both cheeks. That’s how Romanians welcome their friends and guests. Most probably you will be asked to join your Romanian friends for a glass of traditional brandy -tuica or palinca- just before you’re invited to eat.

You simply cannot visit a Romanian home without having a true food celebration. The polite way of surviving the 1373 dishes attack (we’re obviously kidding) is to have a few bites and try them all. Otherwise, your host may feel offended. A little praise to the richness of meal and the cook’s skills is always welcomed.

Again, be prepared to leave the house giving big hugs and the famous kisses on both cheeks. If you don’t have any Romanian friends, but want to spend time in a local home, and learn more about local tradition and customs, you are more than welcomed to try our Home Cooked Bucharest feast.

Local customs in Bucharest

We always recommend discovering the beautiful Bucharest by wandering around the main sights to discover the charm of the less touristic areas. Having this said, as you adventure yourself more off the beaten paths, you get to observe better how Romanians really act. For example, it is very common to see people cross oneself while passing by a church – it’s just our way of showing we are religious and we do have faith in God.

Another well-known Bucharest custom is to have breakfast and morning coffee on the go. Our breakfast is usually made of a pretzel or any pastry goodness (you will for sure notice the great number of street pastry shops). This is the reason we offer every guest on our Bucharest guided tours a pretzel to start with – so they instantly become accustomed to our local traditions.


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