Romanians celebrating Labor Day (May 1)

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Romanians are truly enjoying their May 1 day off and celebrate properly the Labor Day. This national holiday is dedicated to all workers across Romania, and celebrated in many ways. None including any type of labor.

As May 1 is usually associated with big parties and countless festivals, the party people of Romania head massively to the seaside. As we consider May 1 the seaside opening season, most Romanians head to the seaside for a whole weekend of partying. The best and most popular destinations have to be Mamaia and Vama Veche. Although just a few miles apart from each other, these two seaside resorts couldn’t be more different. Mamaia is definitely known for its fancier atmosphere, electronic music festivals and posh clubs, while Vama Veche is a bit more bohemian, rockish kind of place, where people like to install their tents, and play the guitar near the beach campfire.

For those who want a more relaxing way to spend this national holiday and not care at all about sleepless nights on the sandy beaches, the beautiful mountain resorts are considered the best option. All the popular mountain resorts are being booked in advance, as they are extremely crowded during the May 1 days off. The typical celebration in the mountain area is about hiking, hosting a picnic or enjoying a good barbeque with family and friends.

Wheatear we choose the seaside, mountain areas or just decide to relax in our own cozy backyards, eating, partying, dancing and barbequing pretty much sums up the Romanian 1st of May. Cheers to a happy Labor Day!

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