Welcome to

Slow Cooked Bucharest

Welcome to

Slow Cooked Bucharest

Alternative private dining

so delicious it should be illegal

the city & its food habits

Bucharest loves food in its own way. From the basic family lunch to the most sophisticated restaurant dining, every meal is a quest for satisfaction. Local habits will provide a lot of meat or hearty home cooked dishes based on traditional recipes. On the other hand the modern cuisine is growing, bringing in a new funnier, crazier  twist to old recipes.


Eating at a restaurant is just fine. Bucharest has a good selection and we’d be happy to give you many tips about where to go, what to avoid.

But if you’re looking for more than ‘just fine’, if you want to meet some of the coolest locals, while they cook dinner for you, in an awesome location, then you are in the right place.

  • Romanian cuisine reinterpreted in a modern manner
  • A local crew of professional cooks and enthusiasts
  • Alternative dining locations (fashion designer studio, kitchen showroom, private flat)
  • Vegetarian/vegan, allergen free ( gluten, lactose, nuts, etc) dishes available on request
  • High quality ingredients, organic ingredients
  • authentic tastes, local habits
  • Traditional recipes reinterpreted in contemporary key
  • For a complete experience local wines, beers and spirits will be available

How many times in your life can you say that you had a sumptuous, finger-licking delicious  pop-up dinner in a fashion designer’s workshop or in a fancy, up-scale kitchen showroom?

Well, now you can

The Cooks: Raluca & Stefan

We are food lovers and cooking is our way of life.

We love to use the best ingredients freshly picked up from peasant market, we reinvent traditional dishes and we are completely aware of the challenges of modern nutrition.
We cook for the pleasure of gathering good people around a good meal. We will share our stories and knowledge and show a glimpse of our Bucharest.

slow cooking for fast people

slow cooking for fast people


Please let us know if you prefer wine or beer. Local  spirits, wines and beers are included in the price.

Vegetarian/Vegan, allergen free (gluten, lactose, nuts, etc.) dishes available on request.

If you have any other special request, just let us know and we’ll try to accommodate.

Smoking is not allowed on locations, only outdoors. Thank you for understanding.

Kids are welcome


3-3.5 hours

3 course meal

spirits, wine and beer included

minimum group size: 2 persons

optimal group size: 6 persons

(for larger groups give us a message and we’ll try to accommodate)

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