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The ‘Spaces Alive’ project can be best described as an urban adventure. One that aims to transform and recreate some well-known urban spaces into living art. The already surprising Bucharest gets enlivened by a series of 4 unforgettable Spaces Alive events.

July 27th marks the beginning of the artistic journey. The Carol Halls (Expirat) are going to be reshaped through visuals, live performance, and unique audio background. Spaces Alive #mechanics, the first event, brings the industrial architecture, the artistic expression, and modern technology all in one place.

The raw, industrial look of Carol Halls is the perfect frame for a performative audiovisual intervention and an inspiring space for the most expressive constructions and deconstructions. Having its exciting history as a starting point, visual artists, performers, and musicians will improve the architectural geometry creating a refined shift of reality.

And the best is yet to come. Starting with November 2017, thanks to the futuristic augmented reality technology, the video, and audio projections will continue to run @Expirat. On top of that, the Spaces Alive free app (SPAŢII VII) will allow any iOS or Android user to discover and further enjoy the performative video installations. You must admit it sounds really exciting!

Full line-up:

Violeta Vitanova & Stanislav Genadiev – performers/dancers;

Mirian Kolev – musician/soundscape;

Dilmana Yordanova & Mihaela Kavdanska – the initiators of the Spaces Alive project/passionate visual artists.

For more details on the location & event’s schedule please head to Spații VII #mecanica.

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