And the winner is…Urban Adventures Bucharest

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We are popping champagne and doing the happy dance. How else can we celebrate being 3 times awarded at the Urban Adventures Conference that just took place in Vietnam, reuniting more than 96 countries and 164 cities in just one place?

Most inspiring team in 2017’ – yes, we rock and we know it. We have the most passionate, knowledgeable and fizzing local guides and we want the world to know it. They are the best in creating memorable experiences that turn the ‘local knowledge’ into genuine fun.

2017 guide of the year’  – Urban Adventures has more than 1200 local guides in the whole wide world and Bucharest just happens to have the best. Not planning to let him go. So, Mircea, you’re stuck with us.

Most improved destination in 2017’ – guess it does come a time when all the hard work, commitment and willingness to constantly improve your ‘game’ pays off. No need to go deeper into the numbers. We focus more on delivering local culture like no other. Urban Adventures is all about being ‘100% fun and responsible’. We are delivering that in 200% just because we like being overachievers.

What’s next? We obviously work on extending the hyper-local experience by crafting some really cool new tours, like the ‘made-in’ shopping tour that will soon rock your world. If shopping for authentic souvenirs is not your thing, but the beer is, you may want to take a look at our brand new ‘beer tour. And…that’s not all, but we’re not going to reveal all at just the first…read.

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