Urban Adventures – European Guides Conference

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We may be known as the Interesting Times Bureau team or the Bucharest Urban Adventures team, but in the end is all about the same thing. The amazing team (not bragging at all 😝) behind the first European Guides Conference of the big and happy Urban Adventures family. You can head back to https://interestingtimes.ro/new-partner-in-more-projects-out/ and see how it all started ;).

Shortly, last week was an exciting week for all us as we had the chance to meet our awesome colleagues from all over the world, in an exchange experience, teambuilding, all in all super – fun kind of program. Not only we gained a lot of knowledge, but for sure we became the Best.Worldwide.Team.Ever. (rumor has it that we are the best tour guides ever 😉).

23 cities and more than 60 attendants experienced Bucharest in all its glory. We made sure to provide an authentic taste and feel of Bucharest to all our guests, through our most popular tours, by offering the most popular traditional bites, and why not bar crawling to spice things up a little.

For a few days, everybody was feeling like a local and really connect with our contrasting and surprising Bucharest. On top of that, we were really happy to show them around the famous Bran castle and the outdoor capital of Romania, the captivating Brasov.

We are not planning to sound cheesy, but the team really deserves a big thank you. So thank you Doru, Anita, Mircea, Livia, Tudor, Elena, Emma, Lala, Tavi, Sergiu for all the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. And a special shout-out goes to all our guests for making things so much fun.

Last but not least, we are extremely thankful and grateful to all our partners that have helped us during the conference – the great people from Macaz Theatre that were kind enough to host us, and Dianei 4, Gastronomika, The Canteen, Terasa Obor, Beraria Zaganu, Apollo 111 for providing us with amazing tasting food and local crafted drinks.

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