Alternative walking tour experience in Bucharest

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Alternative walking tours are the best option when you visit a new city. Your perception of that city will overwhelmingly be changed after having this experience. So here are the top 5 reasons to let your soul wonder and set your feet going.

  1. Everything is local: The stories that you are going to hear are all about local’s experiences and knowledge, local businesses and local environment;
  2. Everything is about you: The experience of small groups makes the journey more personal and access to unknown, hidden places gets easier;
  3. Everything is authentic: The tours are designed to show you the city through the eyes of the people that make it a great place to be. You just can’t find that in a guide book;
  4. Everything is up to date: A local guide with passion for his own culture, is constantly updated to the latest trends, and will always mix exclusive stories from the past with current history;
  5. Everything is connected: An alternative tour doesn’t end when the walking is done, Your guide will send you follow up information of the places you visited, provide you with local details, should you require them, and more often than not become your first point of contact for the next time you visit.

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