Interns Wanted

We’re looking for people who live fast, but travel slow; who understand the value of staying hungry and foolish; whose passions include marketing, strategizing for breakfast, long Excel sheets and Pina Coladas before 5 pm.

So if you know what KPI, CRM and SWOT stand for, but recognize that life is short and would collect experiences rather than things, call Interesting Times Bureau.

We promise to keep things….interesting.

The boring bits:

Internship period: 3 months

Required commitment: 15-20 hours/week.

The internship is unpaid

Main focus: at the end of the period we will offer one permanent paid position in our organization.


We don’t believe in resumes and don’t do formal interviews, but we can meet for a drink, or two.

Get in touch for more details.


photo credits: Citinerary, Inversee

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