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As the internet and online world is more and more a much-needed tool for everyone who wants access to information, being in the shadow will not bring any benefit. Bucharest is getting out of the dust with each year that passes, so showing its raw, full of wonders face to curious travelers  is part of what Interesting Times Bureau wants to highlight.

There are a couple of platforms that help us get to the interested ones. We’ll mention those on which our awesome tours can be found, so you can chose the easiest way of booking one:

  • Get Your Guide – founded in 2009, had a huge growth, now being onto six global markets. They have a number of 20.000 activities at your disposal, in addition to our tours in Bucharest. Look after our Alternative Walking Tour, Outcast Bucharest (special tour leaded by an ex-homeless guide) or the Communism Tour.
  • Viator – are the ones that get to you via TripAdvisor, the most trustworthy tool in tourism. After the reviews convinced you of the tours quality, what you have to do, is just book! Check out our great reviews and decide which tour suits you better.
  • VIVAster – are getting every destination in a monthly newsletter straight to your e-mail, in order to convince you about the best destinations and tailor-made activities. For Bucharest, our tours are the main option you can take, so I’m sure there is one good reason for that. Check them out!
  • Interesting Times Bureau – last but not least, our own website leads you to the best details and photos from our trails. You’ll be contacted directly by our team that will inform you about the desired information or special requests. For example, if you require a different time, we’ll make our best to accommodate it.

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