The Youngsters of Braşov Parade

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The ‘Youngsters of Braşov’ (RO: Junii Braşovului) is one of the best kept and beloved traditions of Braşov. Every year on the first Sunday after Easter (this year celebrated on April 15), the entire city celebrates the arrival of spring.

The ceremony blends old customs from the pre-Christian era to express the whole death and rebirth myth. We know that can be pretty vague, so to get a better picture of what’s happening, just imagine a bunch of skillful horse riders wearing the most mesmerizing-embellished costumes and proudly marching off. They are divided into 7 different groups, each belonging to a certain area and bringing their own costumes and traditions into the game. And yes, that is fun to watch.

Usually, the parade starts around noon (11.00 to be more precise) at Unirii Square and after some rituals and some wine drinking, the ceremony turns into a rural party taking place at Salmon’s Rocks (“Pietrele lui Solomon”).

So, if you’re in for some authentic cultural experiences, some traditional dances and a true culinary madness, you have to cancel your plans for today and join the parade. Get your most cheerful mood on and your camera ready ‘cause there will be a lot going on.
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