Interesting Times Team

Anita Sterea

Meet Anita

It all started 9 years ago when I was doing tours for the locals.

Anita is part of the ITB team since the very beginning of this project, and we may say she played a big part in shaping our project’s identity. She is most appreciated for her great touring experience, and for being super knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly. We must warn you – that joy of hers is contagious! .

What is like to be a native Bucharestian?

I was born in Bucharest and till now I’ve spent my entire life here. I did study abroad for a while, but I had a strong feeling of coming back to Bucharest. Being born in a communist neighbourhood, I lived my childhood right in the middle of the community. As I child I was only exploring the area close to my home with my friends from the same block of flats, but as a teenager, I was starting to discover the real city, and realizing that Bucharest is huge. From that moment I really started to enjoy discovering different parts of the city alone or with my friends.

How did you end up becoming a tour guide?

It all started 9 years ago when I was doing tours for the locals. I was actually the first one that had this idea. I’ve tried to create a connection between people who live in Bucharest and the city itself, so, I’ve started to do various themed tours in different parts of the city. 5 years ago I’ve begun doing tours for tourists and I enjoy doing this a lot because it gives me the chance to work with happy people ready to discover new cities.

I can truly see how this city is changing and evolving day by day.

What about Bucharest makes you proud?

I’m proud that so many NGO’s believed in this city and created different projects in so many areas – culture, environment, sports, etc. I can truly see how this city is changing and evolving day by day. Most of these changes are happening because of private investors like NGOs, companies, and less from municipality initiatives.

How does a typical day in Bucharest look like for the locals?

Unfortunately, we get to spend a lot of time in traffic, but after work, we love to hang out in the beautiful summer gardens or the lovely pubs around the city and enjoy a good lemonade or having dinner with our friends and family.

Do you have any favorite local traditions?

I love our Romanian traditions and, being a historian, I’m always trying to figure out how each tradition started and the ways for the people of today to keep having them. I must admit I enjoy most the Christmas Holiday, all the joy and the specific traditions related.

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Bucharest?

I would have to say that my absolute favorite is the Gradina Icoanei- Ioanid neighborhood, as it hosts the most stunning late 19th century houses.

Can you name one thing people need to know about Bucharest before they visit?

Everybody should know that we have very beautiful women here :).

I believe any traveler should try the ‘merdenea’ and the local pretzel called ‘covrig’

What’s your favorite spot in Bucharest?

My favorite place in the city is climbing the stairs and seeing the amazing view from Carol Park.

What do you think travelers should eat and drink when in Bucharest?

I believe any traveler should try the ‘merdenea’ (cheese filled pastry) and the local pretzel called ‘covrig’ – they are our favorite street snacks, super cheap and extra tasty. For a drink, I would have to say that trying the Romanian wine it’s a must!