Fun, knowledge-rich and efficiently organized Corporate Events

Interesting Times Bureau.

has been leading guests on varied and engaging corporate events for the last 11 years.

For over a decade, Interesting Times Bureau has been offering a variety of engaging corporate events where participants can discover the hidden stories of the city and experience some of the least known, most picturesque places in Bucharest. We create cultural activities specifically designed for you and your needs.

We understand your world and the added value of incentive activities, and we go the extra mile to create memorable cultural experiences such as:

  • Cultural walking tours in the city;.
  • Innovative Team Building Events
  • Interactive workshops and experiences.
  • Treasure hunt.
  • Wine tours in Bucharest or outside the city.
  • Gastronomy tours/events.
  • Conferences on history or arhitecture.
  • Street art tours and workshops.

Our Guiding Principles

No plastic

No plastic and no rubbish everywhere we go. Committed to reclycing.

Locally owned

Our company is 100% owned by locals.

Locally sourced

We promote the best local products and local businesses.

Community oriented

We involve local communities and create bonds between people

Our creativity soar when we are faced with a new challenge!

Below, is just a small sample of what we offer, so don't hold back!

The experiences created by our team are a great opportunity to relax, observe and understand your surroundings, as well as develop your curiosity and creativity. We are defined by passion, and you will find this in every activity and event we propose. We believe passion is what leads to perfection!

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Interactive Cultural Tours

in Bucharest, Brașov, Prahova Valley

Image module

Visits and Team Buildings

in private museums

Image module

Architecture, Art and History

interactive conferences

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Photo Sessions

in hidden and picturesque locations

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Street-art Tours & Workshops

Meet local street artists and learn from them

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Christmas & Halloween Tours

get in the spirit of Holidays

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Wine Tours & Tastings

discover the treasure of Bahus

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Treasure Hunts

get lost and search in the city

Few words from our Corporate Partners.

Through our Corporate events we are really trying to highlight what Bucharest has to offer in a fun, engaging and entertaining way.

We are proud to say that we run all of our activities with our home town and planet in mind. Sustainability and responsibility towards our community are at the forefront of every program and project we develop.

Adriana Chirea

Sr Sales & Marketing Specialist
The team at Interesting Times for our company did wonders! They always responded promptly to all our requests, and the people involved in the tour were pleasantly surprised by the beauties of Bucharest. A reliable team for an exceptional collaboration!
The Turbo Group

Raluca Goidescu

Marketing and Administrative Assistant
I contacted Interesting Times and Doru understood immediately our requests and helped in the organization of the tour with great professionalism.
AEW Europe

Alina Banu

Sr Sales & Marketing Specialist
When we have guests to our events, we like to surprise them with a city tour. People are always impressed. We are always happy to work with passionate and experienced companies.