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The ultimate Bucharest Food Tour
From the heart of the city to the tastes of the country, this tour takes you on a historical, architectural, and culinary adventure through the many faces (and tastes) of Bucharest! Journey deep into the neighbourhoods of La Belle Époque Bucharest, while sampling the traditional peasant foods that define Romanian cuisine.

Darkside Tour

Bucharest has a very dark past. It’s time you found out about it!
Not suitable for children!

We’ll explore the depths reached by human beings in hurting one another. But although there will be blood, terribly crushed love stories and even a pinch of supernatural, that’s not the point actually. Cheap thrills are best left to Hollywood professionals.


Alternative Bucharest

3,5 hour tour focused on street and urban art and cool new initiatives in Bucharest
½ day tour with a final pit stop at one of Bucharest’s trendiest hang out places
A shorter version of our flagship/signature tour. Appropriate if you prefer shorter walks or don’t have so much time available but still want to sample some of Bucharest’s most interesting spots.

Bucharest Discovery

A classic tour with a new perspective
Bucharest is a city of strong contrasts. – A relatively young city with old mentalities; right at the gates of the Orient, hopelessly influenced by the West and belonging in fact to neither.

Hidden Gems Architecture and Hidden Streets of Bucharest Tour

Welcome to a 3 hour walking tour exploration of Bucharest: architecture, picturesque streets and great stories
People’s Palace, Arc de Triumph , Village Museum, Calea Victoriei, Old Town. They’re all fine and dandy but that’s not what Bucharest is about and it’s not what we are about, here at Interesting Times Bureau.
Fasten your seatbelts! You’re about to take a journey into the heart of ‘little Paris,’ a nickname that indicates just how dreamily grandiose the architecture of Bucharest can be.
We’ll show you the city’s top historical sites and tell you a few tales of life behind the iron curtain.
And did we mention that you’re going to experience all this whilst getting your beer on?!
All the best craft beers and local brands will be handed to you with a friendly smile from your local guide as we frequent some of the best beer joints in the city.
History and beer?! You can thank us later…

Bucharest Sights And Bites

Main Sights with a Twist – History and Food Tour
Take a stroll through Bucharest’s often turbulent but always fascinating history on this tour that will fill your head with facts and your stomach with delicious Romanian food!
History of the Romanian communism with IRL images!

Sip & Savour

Wine Country Private Tour & Wine Tasting
Think Romania is all vampires, communist architecture and rural countryside? We want to let you in on a little secret: our wine is pretty incredible, too!