Best Summer Gardens in Bucharest

Foto: Valentin Dilta * www.valentindilta.ro

The summer gardens of Bucharest are the most craved spaces once the heat takes over the city. There’s no better way to spend your days or evenings than surrounded by all sort of decorative plants, trees, and wildflowers. It’s like getting instant refreshed away from all the concrete in beautiful leafy spaces. Here’s how you can make the most out of Bucharest’s summer social scene and where to head to see the best gardens coming alive with fun and color.

Eden Garden, 107 Victory Avenue

Eden is perfectly located on the most popular street in Bucharest, the ever-charming Victory Avenue (Calea Victoriei). If being that central and surrounded by beautiful buildings that will remind you of Bucharest’s ‘Little Paris’ days isn’t enough, you may need to hear that the Eden garden is placed on the former garden of Stirbey Palace. So if you feel like you deserve a royal treat in a super cozy atmosphere, that’s the place where you should hang out this summer. If you wanna make your friends green with envy you should know that they also have nice hammocks and one of the coolest murals on the covered terrace walls – picture perfect spot.

J’ai Bistrot, 55 Griviței

J’ai Bistrot is like the Mecca of the cool and creative people of Bucharest. Everybody here is relaxed and cheerful and it has a lot to do with the spacious chill out place, the climbing vine or the hammocks hanged in the back of the garden. Ok, maybe the well-chilled delicious drinks may play a big role too.

Verona Garden, 13-15 Pictor Arthur Verona

Verona is located in the heart of the city but offer a pretty different experience from the noisy downtown. Here is where the locals come to enjoy a savory meal or a glass of wine surrounded by lavish greenery. A true urban sanctuary absolutely perfect for a lazy weekend brunch, bringing into the game the city’s most relaxed vibe.

La Metoc, 21 Popa Rusu

La Metoc Tea House is one of the most bohemian places in Bucharest and an absolute gem. The small and intimate place to have a cool break from the city madness, located in one of our favorite places in Bucharest – the oh-so-pretty Armeneasca area. For sure you have to give their tea a shot – it’s amazingly good! You may want to bring your favorite book, ‘cause it’s such a nice reading place. And a good book goes great with some delish home-made cakes, right?

Floreasca Garden, 16 Mircea Eliade

This time we raise the bar a little and add a tempting pool to an already lovely green outdoor summer space. Get a bite, drink a fancy cocktail, and then jump in the pool and finish the refreshing game in style. And maybe you can also attend a live concert, film projection and so on, as they became famous for hosting the hippest events.

Other places that will make it worth your while: Dorobanți Garden, Infinitea, Ceai la Vlaicu ;).