The best summer terraces in Bucharest

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Suns out, we’re out! If you are much like us and get the al fresco fever once the heat kicks in, you may want to know which some of the best places to chill out this summer are. So, get your shorts on and forget about packed bars ‘cause we’ve rounded up the best summer terraces in Bucharest.

Dianei 4, 4 Dianei

Dianei 4 is a hidden gem in the crowded and buzzling Bucharest. The best way to put into words how we perceived it is an alternative space where you feel at home. The food here is amazingly good and the bohemian setting makes it just right for a good reading while sipping on an ice-cold lemonade.

La Copac, 23 Pitar Moș

We pay a visit to ‘La Copac’ whenever we’re in the mood for some hearty home-style food slowly cooked just like in the good old days. The rural vibe goes hand in hand with the menu as the place is as charming as it can be.

Fabrica, 50 11 Iunie

The Fabrica space is a former socks factory turned into one of the hippest places in town. Tones of cool people like to spend their summer days (and nights) here surrounded by decayed walls covered up in graffiti. The industrial setup and the rockish events are not the only reasons this spacious terrace gets packed, as the food is finger-licking good.

Modelier, 12 Duzilor

Modelier is the bohemian one – a small, intimate, cozy terrace with colorful painted walls and string lights that add extra coolness on summer evenings. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and nice music playing. What else can we ask for?

Acuarela, 40 Polona

Acuarela may be the most artsy-colorful space in town. And the kind of place you fall in love with. While the eye-catchy hanging umbrellas mesmerize you, is their art-related gatherings, barbeques and dope events that turns every guest you into a regular customer.

Journey Pub, 25 George Enescu

This terrace looks more like a garden, with lots of greenery and wood furniture, but is the type of venue that hits the ‘I don’t wanna leave this place’ button. The food here is always top-notch, and the hammocks and swings set the stage for the absolute relax.

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