You’ve probably heard about Visual Playground from us before, but for the newcomers out there, Visual Playground is basically an illustration and graphic design festival imagined by creatives for creatives which takes place every year in Bucharest. This year the festival hosted 8 days of workshops, a two-day conference, two exhibitions, and a mural painting, all aiming to create a bridge between the local and international artistic communities. Pretty cool isn’t it?

As part of the festival, we’ve joined forces with the organizers, for yet another very cool street art project. We were happy to be able to contribute any way we possibly can in bringing up some color and positive vibes to our, rather gloomy at times, city of Bucharest. Ironically ‘Bucharest’ word exact translation would be ‘city of joy’. Sometimes the multiple shades of gray (probably less than fifty lol) make it difficult to see where the real joy lays though. Playing hard to get I suppose.

This year challenge for Visual Playground 2019 was accepted and skillfully completed by AKACORLEONE

Well, don’t you worry about it! Our local, passionate and very knowledgeable guides are going to walk you through different perspectives, pointing out the historical and cultural aspects that will put things into context for you. This way will be easier to understand and appreciate more the amazing places, this city has to offer. You are definitely going to enjoy it! Just remember to book your tour in advance and wear comfy shoes.

This year challenge for Visual Playground 2019 was accepted and skillfully completed by AKACORLEONE (aka Pedro Campiche) – a prestigious visual artist of Portuguese and Swiss descent who started out as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his native Lisbon. Having studied arts, young Campiche earned a degree in Design and Visual Communication and activated as a graphic designer for a few years. He then left the profession to focus more on his artistic practice. AKACORLEONE has been exhibiting solo and group works since 2010 and nowadays, he is famous for his dexterity in using colors, typography, characters, and refined forms as well as the ability to achieve original eye-catching compositions.

If you want to have a glimpse of how things went, check out the work in progress video for AKACORLEONE’s mural in Bucharest (left side).

The new vivid colored mural brightens up one of the oldest yet charming part of the city, around Cismigiu Gardens area. It’s a quirky, bold splash of colors overflowing enthusiasm, energy and good vibes. The kind of feeling you would surely want to catch up with while wandering around Bucharest’s streets.

Well, we have no one but our wonderful partners and friends from Visual Playground, along with the great bunch of people at Palatul Universul and the artist, AKACORLEONE to thank to, for making this project not only possible but thoroughly executed, despite the moody weather at times.

Last but not least, special thanks to SavanaCuloare for providing us with all necessary.

If you are keen on the street and urban art movements in Bucharest, stay tuned, and we will keep you posted with all related news and exciting projects going on in our beloved city.

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