Travelling with kids to Bucharest. Survival kit for parents.


Travelling with kids can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, especially if there is a significant age gap between them or if the kids like different things. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have done a bit of research and come up with quite a few quirky options on how to spend quality time with your family while visiting Bucharest.

The Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses brings up concepts such as senses, perception, illusion, time, gravity, reflection and sets the ground for understanding the context, purpose, and reason behind these concepts.The good thing about this museum is that this most of the experiences are appropriate for all ages. Therefore, let yourself go and join the experiments with the kids. You are all going to have a great time discovering new senses that you have never even considered so far.

The Comic Opera for kids

Attending an opera show at The Comic Opera for kids in Bucharest is definitely going to be a memorable experience. You might think the kids are too young for Opera shows, however, you would probably be pleasantly surprised to find out that these shows are designed for children starting 3+ years old. Most of shows are representations of stories kiddos are quite familiar with like ‘The prince and the beggar’ or ‘The Sound of Music’ and many more. There is usually at least one show in English, so worth checking The Comic Opera‘s website for exact details.

Street Art Workshops 

Street Art has taken over Bucharest recently. There are many places where you can see beautiful masterpieces of painted walls on random buildings in Bucharest. However, signing them in for a street art workshops, where they can learn more about how this form of art has emerged, what type of tools are used  and get the chance to practice their talent on an actual wall is the ultimate street art experience. While the kids are having fun, the adults can also take advantage, and unwind for a couple of hours, should you wish for. After all it’s your holiday too. If you want to find out more about the Street Art Workshops, just send a quick email to office@interestingtimes.ro.

Family friendly guided tours

Since you’ve chosen Bucharest to be your destination, chances are you would want to learn more about the city, it’s history and culture, local landmarks, cuisine etc. Best way to do it? Book in advance a guided tour for your family. Depending on the ages and preferences of your little ones, the guide can personalise the tour and make sure it will be not only be informative but fun and adventurous. They normally do games and sightseeing treasure hunts, that kids simply love . For more details, get in touch to office@interestingtimes.ro

Outdoor activities

Bucharest has beautiful parks where kids can run freely. Herăstrău Park is the biggest park in Bucharest divided into two zones: a rustic aria (the Village Museum) – great place to stroll and see authentic Romanian houses – and a public use domain with open areas. A huge playground, a rather impressive roller and skateboarding ring as well as recreation activities like ping pong or tennis courts can be found here. You could also rent small boats for a fun family row or bicycles should you wish to have a ride. Some other parks you’d might want to check are Cișmigiu Gardens – in the very heart of the city, or Izvor Park, closed to the Palace of  Parliament.

There are plenty more other places to see and things to do with the little ones in Bucharest, however we’ve just shortlisted a few options in this article. We’ll come back with more tips and suggestions in the future so stay close. However, if you need an advice or further assistance, just leave a comment or drop us a line at office@interstingtimes.ro and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Hope your family will enjoy our beloved Bucharest at least as much as we do!

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