Whether you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate ‘love’ in whatever shape and form it may find you. Think about the people in your life that count the most (yourself included!) and you will for sure find reasons to celebrate Valentines, Galentines and perhaps even Menentines or whatever other silly name people would like to call it.

It’s down to you, to call this day how you want … as long as you take a moment and be thankful for your loved ones. And what better way to show them your appreciation then spending time together. The fun, quality and memorable time is after all the most precious gift you could give and receive even on special occasions such as supposingly the Valentine’s Day.

Where to go for A Valentines Day in Bucharest?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying expensive gifts. A walk through Herastrau park and some nice mold wine served at one of the many restaurants by the lake when the sun sets could be quite special too. If you don’t feel like walking that’s still ok.

You could book yourselves a table to Infinitea – probably the best tea house in Bucharest. Infinitea is a bohemian urban oasis in the very heart of the city with a decent range of cakes and desserts to enjoy, little light and light music to groove on. Speaking of cakes, for all sweet teeth out there the French Revolution has the best eclairs in town.

Another very nice and cosy place to consider for such occasion would be Dianei 4. With a great decor and amazing selection of food and wines you’ll find the location would go very well with the theme. And if you feel like raising the bar, dinner with a spectacular view at NORSKY BAR or Lounge 18 would definitely do the trick.

What to do for A Valentine’s Day in Bucharest?

If you want to give a twist to Valentines Day this year, we have prepared a few suggestions for  delightful experiences you could sign in for, in Bucharest:

Go to a spa. What can be more pleasant than a brimful relaxation in an ultramodern space? Whether you choose to go to Therme – the biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center in Europe or to Thaico Spa wellness and beauty center you’ll definitely get spoiled. However, worth mentioning that considering the occasion, even though the location is quite big and accommodating, for peace and quiet  you might want to access the Elisyum aria featuring themed saunas, panoramic indoor pool and a pool bar, and a very nice restaurant.

Go to a themed museum. If you want to have some fun and build up memories of this special day, get ready to explore your senses and full around at the Museum of Senses in Bucharest. Also, not so many people know about this place but the Museum of Perfumes in Bucharest is rather impressive. Here you can find over 10.000 flagrance exponents among which Queen’s Marry of Romania favourite perfume.Besides the collection of perfumes, the museum also hosts various cosmetics items, perfume bottle openers, herbaria, and Romanian perfumes of various periods, such as those of local brands Macul Rosu, Farmec or Miraj.

(Re)discover your love for Bucharest by joining a themed guided tour, where you will get to explore hidden gems and idyllic places, urban art and more than 500 years of romances and love stories. Nevertheless should you need some inspiration for your Valentine’s gift, this would definitely be one great opportunity to get inspired on unique and original items such as arts and crafts or fashion items designed locally, with love and skill.

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