Terasa Obor is top 10 finalist for the best street food vendors in 2018

terasa obor

Terasa Obor (the Obor terrace) is one of those places you wouldn’t normally go to, because, most probably you wouldn’t know about it. However, it is the best places in town to have ‘mici’ not only for it’s long tradition in preparing and serving this delicious bites, but also for the idyllic atmosphere and the authentic character of this place, nicely showcased in this mini documentary video.

Conveniently located close to the Obor Market (the biggest market in Bucharest), Terasa Obor is locals’ first choice to grab a bite and a pint on a Sunday morning. There is traditional music, beer and lots of dear memories veterans would happily share with you if you have time to listen to their stories and you do… while waiting for the ‘mititei’ to sizzle.

These ‘Mititei’ or ‘mici’ as called sometimes are grilled ground meat rolls made from a mixture of beef, lamb and pork meat spiced up with garlic, black pepper, thyme, coriander, anise, savory, and sometimes a touch of paprika. They are very flavorful and smell incredibly good while grilling. Usually served with mustard sauce and fries as side dish, these little yummies are the stars of Romanian street food and the main dish served on national days.

This film is a mini-documentary that got Bucharest and Terasa Obor in the top 10 shortlisted street food vendors along with other fancy gastronomic locations such as Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Jerusalem, Kuala Lumpur, Mallorca, Marrakech Mexico City, New Delhi, and Singapore taking part in Streetfood50 Awards.

#Streetfood50 Awards is the first-ever all-international food awards honoring pushcarts, street side pop-ups, market stalls, no-name diners and take-out shops. If #TerasaObor wins, they will receive $1000 USD to go back into their business and help them grow. See more details HERE.

Anyone can vote #TerasaObor by taking a photo and tagging #TearsaObor and #streetfood50 on Instagram.You can also leave a comment and let the world know how you feel about this place and why do you recommend it. If Terasa Obor will be the winner, then you’re automatically in for a tombola giving away a voucher for a food tour anywhere in the world. Seams like a good treat, doesn’t it?

Winner will be announced on Instagram @TheStreetFood50 on November 1, 2018.

Thumbs up and support #TerasaObor for the best street food vendor in 2018. We already know they are no.1, let’s just spread the world about them too.

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